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Steel Center one powered by SAP business one 9.2 developed by SMSQUARETECH Bangalore INDIA


SCO Financials

  • Metals specific lot based costing for inventory valuation
  • Regulatory compliance for Trade and Manufacturing.
  • Product Realization Analysis.

Accurate cost analysis and product realization will help in controlling cost and directly improving revenue and profit margins. Improves regulatory compliance and reduces the cost of compliance.

SCO Inventory

  • Configurable Attribute based products.
  • Commingling Own and OSP.
  • Attribute based inventory analysis.
  • Configurable batch number for inbound and in-process.

Real time, accurate and effective inventory visibility and control improves utilization, increasing inventory turns and reducing overall cost of inventory maintaining same or better customer service levels.

SCO Logistics

  • Metal Attribute Driven Sales, purchase, Manufacturing processes.
  • Manufacturing driven by customer specifications.
  • Domestic and Import process.
  • Metal specific ATP
  • Enhanced order Status.

Industry specific design enables faster response to customer and market demands and helps in servicing more number of customers with greater agility and high customer satisfaction.


SCO – Scheduling

  • Multi process Scheduling
  • SCH for Job Work
  • MTO and MTS scenarios
  • Multi-Orders, Multi -Inputs

Enables optimized utilization of input material and resources to ensure not only better yield but also achieve better promise date compliance

SCO – Production (CTL, Slitting, Blanking , Shearing , Stamping)

  • Recovery and yield analysis
  • Engineering scrap, process Scrap and loss tracking and analysis.
  • In and Inter process QC
  • Complete Traceability and genealogy

SCO – Third Party Integration

  • Integration with Mill system across processes.
  • Integration with Bar code applications
  • Shop Floor Applications

Benefits of Integrated Steel Service Centre One Solution:

  • Inventory visibility at all stages including WIP
  • Reconciliation between input mother material and output
  • Optimization of mother material utilization and minimize scrap
  • Quality inspection for both physical, surface and chemical characteristics
  • Quality deviation management to support diversion, de-grading, scrapping and swapping
  • Rework and reprocessing management
  • Tolling and sub-contracting management
  • Customer complaint analysis and process improvement for prevention
  • Integration with OEM and Supplier systems to automate the entire supply chain

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