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Extrusion One powered by SAP business one 9.2 developed by SMSQUARETECH Bangalore INDIA


SM Squares Metal Extrusions

SAP Business One provides much of the functionality required in this industry; including the need to define multiple product attributes and specifications such as dimension, gauge, diameters, as well as batch traceability and the ability to handle multiple units of measure.

Raw material property variations

Incoming ingots to the castor often have varied properties/chemical Combinations. The ERP needs to record these properties. These records form the essential inputs while charging the batches.

Billet History / Management

In the Extrusion Industry, the optimization of output from billet is a key to financial success. The Optimization engines need to manage/optimize the outputs from individual billets of metal

Metal & Scrap accounting

The metal processing industry is one of the few industries where the management and accounting of the scrap are crucial to the profitability of the manufacturing of the product. The management and accounting needs to be an integral part of the ERP system.

Die History & Die Management

Minor variations in the size of the die can lead to uneven sections being extruded. Further over used dies leads to thicker sections being extruded too. This not only causes deviations from specifications/requirements, but also leads to huge loss of material.


Input – Output co-relationship / Product Yield

There are variations and losses at each stage of production. The monitoring engine needs to be constantly monitoring the yield at each stage of production. The monitoring engine needs to be constantly monitoring the yield at each production stage to determine the yield at each stage. This is essential not only from cost perspective but also from a materials planning perspective.


Quality Control

Quality Control at the Casting stage – The molten material and cast billets are tested for parameter for the required alloy. Recording of this can help in analysing the composition of charging material to provide perfect quality. The QC can record the purity/impurity of rejected output.


Item Code Structuring

Structuring the colour coding within a single item linked to a single die. No need of creation of multiple items for the same die depending on colour. Multiple length of the same profile can be captured within the same item code along with inventory quantity in kgs.


Costing Module

  • Cost Rate Master
  • Location Cost Master
  • Machine Hour Rate Master
  • Labour Hour Rate Master
  • Product Costing/Pricing

Plant Maintenance

  • Activity Master
  • PM Checklister
  • Activity Plan
  • Activity Carried Out
  • Break down Entry
  • Rectification Entry
  • Power Fuel Consumption
  • Genset Reading
  • OEE –Overall Equipment efficiency report

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