Business One 9.2 HANA

    Run Smarter:

    SAP Business One & , powered by SAP HANA enables true market differentiation by unlocking new growth opportunities, boosting competitiveness, and inventing new data-driven business models for increased market share.

    Imagine the increased effectiveness of your knowledge workers when they have real-time information about accounts payable and receivable. They can spend more time on higher-value activities and less time on clerical work.

    Run Faster:

    SAP Business One and All In One , powered by SAP HANA dramatically speeds up your core business processes for reduced operational costs, driving business at the speed of the market and boosting responsiveness.

    Removing the constraints of batch-driven processes enables processing and decision making to happen in the moment, dramatically changing the way you drive your business.

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    Run Simpler:

    SAP Business One and All-in-One powered by SAP HANA helps you simplify business processes with immediate insight to action for improved effectiveness, empowering people to decide and act in the business moment and boost productivity.

    Combining transactions and analysis in one single database enables simplification of IT, leading to lower costs and greater efficiency.

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